Book: No Good Deed Goes Unpunished or Unrewarded

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Have you enthusiastically stepped in to rescue someone only to be met with attacks and criticism? Has the child you've helped the most become your hardest relationship? 

In Paul Cowell's book "No Good Deed Goes Unpunished or Unrewarded" it will finally become clear on who to help, who not to help, and how to know the difference. 

Praise for the Book

"It’s natural—even biblical—to want to help someone in need. But we need a solid game plan so the rescue doesn’t do more harm than good. Paul Cowell has the experience and insight to help you minister to others without fostering a toxic spirit of entitlement."
Dave Ramsey, best-selling author and nationally syndicated radio show host

This book will reveal why a parent's repeated attempts to rescue their children may actually be hurting the relationship and their child's self-esteem. Perhaps most valuable are the practical steps they can use to help their children while simultaneously encouraging their growth.
Ryan Frank - CEO, Kidz Matter - Vice President, AWANA

"Paul Cowell shares helpful advice and insights with refreshing candor from his many years of generous giving and helping others. This book is for anyone who has experienced both the exhilaration and disappointment that can accompany our good deeds." 
Chuck Bentley - CEO, Crown Financial Ministries

"I expected to read at a safe distance with an evaluative eye for "other Pastors" but was quickly in a flurry of sympathetic resonance from past experience. So far this deserves a prominent place in the "Things I Should Have Been Told In Seminary" series."
Wesley Horne, Executive Director Southeast Region, PastorServe

"We all have times when we want to rescue those we love. The challenge is to help without damaging the God-given potential of the individual. This book is a guide for helping while calling forth greatness."
Michael Hyatt - New York Times bestselling author Living Forward

"A poignant reminder to refresh both our motives and methods for loving well."
Dan Miller - New York Times bestselling author 48 Days to the Work You Love

"In John 10:32 Jesus asked those He came to rescue: "For which of My good deeds are you stoning Me?" In his book Paul Cowell explains why Jesus' question represents a widespread problem that all who do good deeds experience. Discover how and why you can keep going in the midst of personal attacks from those we help. This book is essential for pastors and for all who rescue."
Chris Stephens - Pastor, Faith Promise Church Knoxville, Ohio

Who Should Read this Book?

Parents — to understand why the child to whom they have given the most assistance will usually be the child with whom they struggle to maintain a positive relationship. Parent can learn how to help their needy child without damaging his or her self-esteem.

Leaders — to understand the difficulties that vertical relationships inherently carry. If you lead, you will experience resentment from others. However, you can minimize the antagonism by following suggestions in the subsequent chapters.

Pastors — to discover why parishioners who require the most attention and resources too often become critical and leave the church. They will learn principles to protect them from anger and resentment from those they shepherd. They will also see why passive-aggressive and committed victims cannot always be rescued successfully, and they will know what to expect when they are persecuted. Pastors will discern God's hand even in personal attacks and hostility.

Anyone who seeks to do good works. If you have tried to help someone who was needy and the result was a broken relationship, the book will reveal why some interventions are risky. You will learn who you can help, who you should not help, and who you should help regardless of the risk.

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