Effective Preaching Seminar - Digital Audio

$ 9.95

Effective Preaching in the 21st Century was a seminar held several months ago here at Whitestone with 6 full sessions. Purchase the audio from the seminar and be encouraged and equipped in your preaching. This will be electronically delivered to the email provided upon purchase. 

Alternatively, purchase the CD set + audio downloads here

Audio Sessions

Session – Did Sermons in the past have More Impact than Sermons Today? Dr. McDaniel’s answer is yes and will tell you why.

Session – Transforming church systems to meet today’s needs to make disciples rather than leaving them as observers. In the past the model was “good Christians go to a worship service”. Dr. McDaniel will address the need to move from spectators to warriors who put on the whole armor of God and do battle throughout the week.

Session – How do you improve the effectiveness of your sermons in order to facilitate spiritual growth?

Session – Growing Personally and Professionally in Ministry – Elements in the growth and development of the person and the practice of ministry. How do these developments impact preaching?

Session – Ministry in the Middle – How are preaching and ministry in the twenty-first century impacted by the preoccupation of the pulpit and the pew?

Session – Motivation for Ministry: Call or Career Choice? How does one’s motivation for ministry impact preaching and job performance? 


Dr. Stan McDaniel – Long time homiletics professor at Johnson University and professor of public speaking at the University of Tennessee. Dr. McDaniel is an excellent communicator and brings a wealth of insight to the current status of pulpit preaching.

Dr. Tom Kinchen – For the past 20 years has been President of Baptist College of Florida. Prior to his presidency he successfully pastored large churches in Georgia and Florida. He is sought after as a conference speaker as well as filling the pulpit throughout the Southeast.